Tuesday 23, April: A Lady Is Breastfeeding At A Comedy Show And Is Removed Should She Have Had A Child In There In The First Place?

Monday 22, April: When It Comes To Kids Birthday Parties Should Everyone Be Invited Or Just A Select Few?

On today's show find out what is acceptable or not at restaurants.You would be surprised at what people agree upon. And this girl calls in with something that happened at her job. She doesn't know if she should say something or just carry on like nothing happened, we hear what's got her so rattled in the "Dirty Little Secret".  Also, Candice has a dilema that is most common when it comes to kids birthday parties. Should you invite evryone so nobody's feelings get hurt? Or only a select few? We discuss it in the "Hot Take" of the day! Check out that and so  much more on another fun filled show!

Friday 19, April: A Woman Questions On Whether She Should Allow Her Child To Say Something Really Offensive

On today's show its Friday! That means we hook you up with our "Friday Favs". Let you in on what we like so you can enjoy it as much as we do! Also, a girl finds something in a guy that she's datings bathroom. We all have questions as to why....find out in the "Dirty Little Secret". Not to mention, this lady has gone viral asking if she should allow her daughter to say something offensive at school. That is in heavy discussion on  "Hot Take" of the day! And what is your go to vice when your in a bad mood? Well, Candice has an idea of something that could work! Don't move we got that and so much more right here!

Thursday 18, April: It's Up For Debate But Men Don't Get Enough Me Time! This Guy Takes Fake Work Trips To Getaway

Wednesday 17 April: A Woman Says Her Hubby Is Wrong For Saying Divorce Is Contagious And She Needs To Have Friends Who Are Married Instead!

On today's show a guy calls in with a confession he's been keeping from his parents.You won't believe, what it is! Get the scoop in "Dirty Liitle Secret". Also, a couple is in a major fight because a husband says if she's hanging out with other women that are divorced it could be contagious! We all have an opinion on wether this is right or not, in the "Hot Take" of the day! And not mention the recent headlines that came out are so crazy! So we play a game "Real" or "Fake" headlines! You definitely want to check this and so much more! 

Tuesday 16, April: The Best Female Basketball Player In The Game Was Drafted #1 Over All Why Was Her Pay Not Matching Skills?

On today's show ! Kids are so different nowadays, especially in school. No more are the days of being social Candice finds out when she goes to visit her son in school. Also, trouble comes in the form of a disgruntled caller who thinks he's justified in what he did in his confession on "Dirty Little Secret". Not mention, we discuss how is it that Caitlin Clark gets drafted number one to the Indiana Fever! Only thing is her pay is not at all equal to what a man would get in the same situation. Find out all about it in the "Hot Take" of the day. We have that and so much more! Check it out!

Monday 15, April: A Lady Is Divorced But Still Hangs With Their Friend Group Behind Her Exes Back Is This Shady Or Not?

Friday 12, April:A Lady That's Mad Sends Billy An Email About What He Said About The Passing Of OJ Is It Really That Bad Or An Overreaction?

On today's show it's our Friday Favs! We give you the insight on our favorite things we love! Not to mention, this lady calls us and we have to disguise her voice! She doesn't want her daughter to know, you can get the scoop on today's "Dirty Little Secret". Also, a lot of controversy surrounding OJ passing and our show is not far from it! Billy gets an email over a comment he made. Is it wrong? Or is this lady just overeacting find out on the "Hot Take" of the day. Ever wonder are there things that make you feel old like your parents? Check out our list, see if you do some of these things! We have a fun filled entertaining show so check it ou!

Thursday 11, April: A Guy Calls In Who's Situation Is Unique He Asks Can Friends With Benefits Lead To A Relationship?

Wednesday 10, April: Is Getting A Mommy Makeover Selfcare This Guy Is Upset That His Wife Wanting One Without His Input!

On today's show Billy gets rewarded for doing a good deed! You won't believe, what this lady is keeping from her boyfriend she's been dating for a couple of months. She thinks its harmless, but you be the judge on "Dirty Little Secret". Also, this guy is really upset about what his wife is planning to do. She is getting a mommy-makeover and says its needed because of self-care. We all chime in on the "Hot Take" of the day! You don't wanna miss, it we have that and so much more!