NFL Commentator Charmingly Introduces Taylor Swift at Bronco's Game

There are two types of people in the world. The first type of people are those that loathe everything Taylor Swift related to the NFL and the rest of us type of people? WE ARE HERE FOR IT! I love it! I love how welcoming everybody has been to the new audience that has come to the NFL, I love how much more interesting the NFL is because of Taylor Swift and dang it, I'm really hoping for a happy ending for Taylor after seeing her concert and deeming it the best I had seen in my lifetime.

Needless to say, if Taylor appears at a Chiefs game to root on her boyfriend Travis Kelce, I am here for every viral moment that comes from it, including when a prominent NFL commentator finds himself trying to explain what exactly Taylor Swift's relationship is with Travis while attending one of his games.

You can check out the hysterical intro below from our "good buddy" Al Michaels below!

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