Dick's Drive-In Anniversary Sale is Back

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Every year it comes back around, the anniversary of Dick's Drive-In coming into existence here in the Northwest. This year's anniversary marks the 69th year Dick's has been a staple in the PNW for people leaving bars. Whether my fav location in Wallingford or the one near Climate Pledge in Queen Anne, we have all found ourselves in line waiting to get our hands on a Dick's Deluxe with a side of fries and tartar sauce. In fact, Dick's was the first place I ever tried tartar sauce on my fries and I'm forever grateful to them for that.

Anywho, back to the point. If you're not from here, everywhere on their anniversary, Dick's Drive-In drops the price of their delicious burgers to their original price back when they first opened. That cost was only 19 cents! Below are the locations and when you can grab your burger from Dick's for 19 cents!

Tuesday, January 24:

  • Wallingford
  • Broadway

Wednesday, January 25:

  • Lake City
  • Holman Rd.
  • Crossroads

Thursday, January 26:

  • Edmonds
  • Queen Anne
  • Kent

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