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What's The Most Offensive Thing Someone Can Do On A Flight??

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Flying can quickly turn from an enjoyable experience to a frustrating chore, depending on how people act on the flight. I've basically had a guy lean his chair back and was in the exit row and taking up a ton of space. It seems people have forgotten the rules of airplane etiquette and their bad behavior can easily ruin the travel experience...For EVERYONE. Of course, not all offenses are equal and new research reveals the worst of the worst.

These are the offensive, but still annoying, to the most offensive things you can ruin the flight experience for everyone.

7) Switching seats - When you book a flight and choose your coveted aisle seat, maybe even paying extra to make sure you get the seat you want, the last thing you want to do is give it up to someone asking to switch seats with you for whatever reason. That’s offensive to 31% of travelers, regardless of why the person wants to change seats.

6) Using both armrests - Having a seatmate who won’t share an armrest is frustrating to a third (33%) of flyers.

5) Reclining your seat - This is a controversial issue, with just over a third finding it offensive when the person in front of them reclines their seat. If you do need to lean back on a flight, it’s suggested that you ask the person behind you if it’s okay, or only do it slightly, and never just slam your seat all the way back.

4) Taking off shoes or socks - We all like to be comfy, but the survey finds that 35% of travelers are offended when a fellow passenger strips down to bare feet on the plane.

3) Unwanted conversation - Being too chatty with your seatmates is also not appreciated, with nearly 40% of those polled agreeing it’s not okay.

1) Using speakerphone - There’s a tie for the most offensive airplane behavior and taking calls on speakerphone on the plane is one of the biggest complaints


1) Personal grooming - The other worst offender is people clipping their fingernails, trimming their beard or painting their nails mid-flight. No one wants a stray toenail landing on them, so just save the grooming until you land.

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