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Here's Another Way To Bring The Movies To Your Home Theater

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Ever since covid 19 started and the whole pandemic, Hollywood was trying to figure out a good way to keep the movie industry alive. They did awesome by releasing new movies so you could see them still, but safe and from the comfort of your own home. But something was still missing. Well, till now.

Photo: AMC Entertainment

AMC Entertainment is going to (Finally) release a retail popcorn line at hundreds of Walmart locations on March 11 – Academy Awards weekend. The snacks will expand to more than 2,600 Walmart stores and walmart.com in the weeks following and AMC anticipates even broader distribution channels later this spring.

So now that popcorn is covered, it got us thinking...What are the best movie night snacks?

Photo: Delish.com

So we found a list of the best movie snacks. I’m talking puppy chow, chocolate-covered pretzels, Milk Duds, and a lot more. See the full list of the best movie snacks HERE

So what is your go to snack? I almost always get Reese's Pieces candy and a grap sprite. Share your favorite.

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