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Most People Don't Realize How Fake TV Is

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Last night Price is Right at night was on. We turned past it, and my kid asked if we could watch. So I said sure. She was talking about how pretty the lights were, and how she could for sure get the $1 and go to the showcase. I asked her if she knew what tv sets actually look like on the other side? She asked what I meant. So if you've never seen it, Check out these TV secrets

Photo: Reddit

This is the other side of the wheel from the Price Is Right. Not so flashy to look at when you take a peak at the other side. Hope you wash your hands after because that thing looks dirty.

Photo: CBS

From a worker on the show BIG BROTHER:

"I'm a film carpenter, and I worked on Big Brother. The 'house' is actually inside of a huge warehouse. I found it kind of creepy that they silently lead contestants to the game room with a black bag over their head. Also, because of the camera alleys, anyone working on the show can just wander behind the walls and watch the contestants in any room. I will never understand why people apply to be on that show. It looks stressful AF!"


Photo: Jeopardy

"For Jeopardy, they tape five episodes a day, two days a week. Twelve contestants show up for the taping day: the returning champion from the previous week, enough challengers to fill in the first four episodes, another challenger for the Friday episode, and two 'alternates' in case something happens. The alternates tend to be locals from the LA area in case they have to come back later. Before the final taping, if the two alternates haven’t gotten to appear, one of them is randomly chosen to be the second challenger on the Friday show. The one who isn’t chosen is invited to come back for a future taping."

These are just the game shows. Imagine your favorite comedy or drama. Yep, most of the locations are a sound stage. So I guess if you're a Friends fan, there isn't a real Central Perk? Just saying, you can enjoy your shows. but there are always 2 sides to everything.

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