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3 Tips On How To Save On Your Grocery Bill

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Food costs have been really high due to inflation....especially eggs. So how can you save when you're at the store to help make ends meet? Check out these tips

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Get The Store Card

You're used to swiping the credit card, and you probably aren't getting any rewards. But swiping the store card could mean enjoying a world of savings, since often, sale items will only be available to loyalty card holders.

Plus, your supermarket might put out a list of weekly digital coupons you can load to your card for added savings. Granted, "clipping" those coupons can be a little annoying, but chalk it up to something you do while you're waiting on hold or riding the bus to meet a friend for coffee.

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Make A List

Might seem too simple to do, but if you have a list it can help you save BIG. You just can't go off of your list. I mean do you really need that impulse buy in the first place? Didn't think so

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Shop When You're Not In A Rush

If you shop on your way home, stop. You're tired, frazzled and just want to get home to hungry kids and pets. But when you rush through the store, you may not be making good choices to save money.

A better bet is to shop for food when you're not as pressed for time. Come home, make dinner, get your kids settled, and then head to the store later on. Or, get up early and do your food shopping while most people are still deep in REM sleep. That way, you can avoid crowds, and you may be more likely to exercise more patience while you shop.

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