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Could Your Name Mean You're A Romantic Person?

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Some people just have the luck and they have names that are just sexier than others are. That's according to Lovehoney, a retailer that sells erotic gifts, clothing and more, went through the 100 best erotic books and 120 of the most successful romantic movies to come up with the most romantic names.

Topping the list for women is Mary, thanks to movies like “There’s Something About Mary,” “About Time,” and “Ammonite.” For the fellas, Jack has been named the most romantic, with nine romantic leads having the name, including Jack Twist in “Brokeback Mountain” and Jack Dawson in “Titanic.”

Check out the full list HERE:

The Most Romantic Women’s Names

1) Mary

2) Rachel

2) Kate

2) Julia

2) Eva

3) Susan

4) Mia

5) Anna

The Most Romantic Men’s Names

1) Jack

2) Nick

2) James

2) Ben

3) Peter

4) Joe

Does your name, or your speicial "Romantic" someone's name fall on the list?

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