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Here's Hacks To Make Thanksgiving Travel Less Stressful

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It's time for most of us to go visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Travel can be stressful anytime, but especially during the busiest times of the year for travel like Thanksgiving, which can be a cause of anxiety.

With flight delays, coughing passengers and so much out of your control, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. These expert-approved tips and hacks can help ease stress this Thanksgiving, the travel-related stress, anyway.

Plan ahead - Worried about sudden changes to your travel itinerary? Having a “crisis plan” in place can make you feel less anxious, according to Nina Vasan, chief medical officer of the mental health platform Real. She recommends thinking about potential situations, like lost baggage or flight cancellations, and thinking of how you’ll deal with those, should they come up.

Balance your itinerary - Trying to fit everything into one trip, like visiting multiple family members and touring new places, can be a lot. That’s why nurse practitioner Katie Duke suggests taking some pressure off your trip by putting the focus on spending quality time with loved ones instead of trying to do it all.

Practice mindfulness - It’s the ability to be present in the moment and it’s been linked with reduced anxiety. You can practice mindfulness in lots of ways, including journaling about your feelings, meditation, or just focusing on deep breathing for a few minutes.

Entertain yourself - You’re bound to have a lot of waiting around while you travel, so instead of letting it stress you out, use the time to do something you enjoy. Having books you want to read or a new podcast or show you want to check out can boost your mood while you wait.

Stay hydrated - It’s easy to not drink enough water when you’re traveling, but staying hydrated not only helps bodily functions, it helps improve mood and energy levels as well.

Rest - Between the journey and not sleeping in your own bed, it can be tough to get enough sleep while traveling. But doing so will help you regulate your stress and better cope with what comes your way, so make sleep a priority.

Give yourself some positive self-talk - Don’t be too hard on yourself and remind yourself that what you’re feeling is completely valid. Positive self-talk can improve your mood and decrease stress, so it’s worth a try.

Source: Huff Post

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