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Check Out The Best Of The Best Food At The OK State Fair

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The OK! State Fair is here again, and what do you think of? We're all about the food, and you know, somebody needs to try it all. That's us. So what's the good grub you can get at the OK! State Fair? Check these out.

So of the 12 items above, and we ate all of them, we had to pick the best of the best at the Great Taste of a Fair. Here are the winners in the top 3 categories:

Slice of Savory First Place: Coconut Shrimp – The Bacon Habit

Second Place: Honey Pepper Bacon Dog – The Urb Express

Third Place: Gilty Mac & Cheese – Gilty Please

Sweetest of the Sweet First Place: Apple Pie Churro Bites – Project Krave

Second Place: Minneblueberry Pie – The Original Minneapple Pie

Third Place: Freeze Dried Milk Duds – Gram’s Sweet Treats

New to the Scene First Place: Alligator Corn Dog – The Pioneer Wagon

Second Place: Big Banana Split Pie – Cutie Pies Concessions

Third Place: Chicken Bacon Ranch Waffle Stick – Waffle Chix

Janet is planning on getting the good stand by of a corn dog. But will you try anything new at the OK! State Fair this year? Everything was delicious, so make sure you share your pics of what you eat, and tag us so we can share so everyone else knows what's good to eat at the Fair!!

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