Texas Restaurant Serves Up The Best Classic Hamburger In The Entire State

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Who doesn't love a good, juicy, classic hamburger? Sometimes it's OK to say no to all the extras and go back to basics. LoveFood is helping us do that with this list of the best classic hamburger in every state.

"The origins of the humble hamburger might be hotly contested, but there's no denying few things are as American as this classic meal, served everywhere from restaurants to street food stalls and hole-in-the-wall joints," the food site said about its list. "Whether plain on white bread or with melted cheese in a pillowy bun, the classic burger is simply unbeatable, even when creative and inventive options abound."

In Texas, the best classic hamburger is the Tookie's Burger at Tookie's Hamburgers & More in Kemah. Here's what LoveFood said to back up its decision:

An old-school joint, Tookie's and its burgers are much loved by the customers. A 'veteran' on the menu that's remained largely unchanged since 1975, Tookie's Burger has nothing more but a homemade beef patty dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion – perfect for when you're searching for simplicity.

Check out the full report.

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