This Texas Discount Store Is Full Of 'Weird And Quirky' Items

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Perusing through the aisles of one Texas establishment will give you all the "weird and quirky" nostalgic feels, according to My San Antonio.

Before big department stores took the country by storm, Gibson's Discount Center was the place to shop. Now, there are only two of them left in Texas- one in Kerrville and one in Weatherford.

Kerrville resident Mary Valley Loweo said, "I come here to relax. A lot of this has been around since I was a child. It gives me memories of walking into a hardware store with my dad."

Loweo says the store brings back good memories with her loved ones. She said, "This is reminiscing. I love it. People that come here are really shocked because when they can't find something they are really looking for, they will find something that is unique."

Gibson Novelty Company was opened by Herbert and Belva Gibson in 1936 in Abilene. In the 1960's, they opened the first Gibson's Discount Center in Abilene. At the height of the store's success, there were 684 locations all across the US.

Gibson's operations manager Doug Hetzler said, "In its heyday, this was the store to come to. It is a staple of the community. We really try hard to carry the stuff that people want. We're kind of famous for weird and quirky things. The motto is, if you can't fix it, you don't need it."

Learn more about Gibson's Discount Center on the store's website.

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