These Are The Comfort Foods Getting Us Through The Pandemic

Photo: Getty Images /  Kunal Khurana

It’s no secret there are some foods that bring you back to childhood. Not only do these foods taste great, they can bring comfort to a lot of folks, and apparently with the world being so stressful these days, a lot of people have sought out that caloric comfort. 

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Farm Rich, found;

  • Being stuck at home during the pandemic has resulted in lots of folks eating like they were a kid again.
  • Two in three Americans admit they’ve turned to childhood comfort favorites to help them get through lockdown.
  • The most devoured comfort foods of 2020 include:
    • Pizza (55%)
    • Hamburgers (48%)
    • Ice cream (46%)
    • French fries (45%)
    • Mac & cheese (39%)
    • Potato Chips (39%)
    • Cookies (38%)
    • Chocolate (37%)
    • Cereal (34%)
    • Fried Chicken (34%)
    • Spaghetti & Meatballs (32%)
    • Mashed Potatoes (32%)
    • Bread (31%)
    • Hotdogs (31%)
    • Pancakes (30%)
  • The average American admits they turned to comfort snacking six times a week while stuck at home.
  • Because of this, 85% of people gained some weight, with the average person gaining about six pounds.

And even though comfort foods may not be good for their waist, a lot of people aren’t willing to part with them.

  • In fact, 67% would rather give up alcohol than their favorite comfort dish.
  • Another 67% would rather give up social media than be without their favorite comfort dish for a year.

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