What Are Your Favorite Football Party Moments?

Super Bowl 52 is in the books with a Chiefs win and lots of festivities to make last night a great one for the memory books!!

Demi Lovato blew me away with her National Anthem delivery. WOW!!

Following that up with 4 100 year old WWII war veterans for the coin toss, how very magical that moment must have been in person!

I enjoyed the girl power & mom power moments last night, too!

Cool moment for 9 year old Alexa from Wylie!!! She got to appear in the really cool "Take It To The House" spot that opene the game last night!

Can we all agree the world DOES need a Snickers hole! Giggle!

How much fun would it have been to watch Post Malone shoot this Inside Out inspired, Bud Light commercial? I laughed out loud! I think I want to start a Post Malone's taste buds fan club!!! :)

And I just so love Jimmy Fallon, don't y'all?

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