Slip into a Happy Happy National Sock Day

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It's National Sock Day!!! Can you think of anything happier than a cozy & cushy pair of socks?? 

Today is the perfect day to learn that President George HW Bush who LOVED fun socks, chose this special pair to wear on this walk into Heaven. I bet he was THE best Granpa ever!!!!

My oldest daughter LOVE LOVE LOVES socks! She and her sister are both LOVING these Sock Advent Calendars that I found at Target! They have traditional holiday sock collections, JoJo Siwa, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and more! 

Our all-time favorite socks are the Magellan socks at Academy!!!! They are THE most super comfy & fabulous socks on the planet.....its literally like slipping into a BIG warm hug for your feet!!! 

We could chat sock love all day!!! Pop over to my Facebook Page and let us know which socks are YOUR fav!!! 

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