Bring On More Merry Merry!!!

Its THE most wonderful time of the year and there are SOOOOOOOO many ways to spread the Christmas cheer for all to hear!!!! 

NO family photo album is complete until you get a photo inside a huge snowglobe!

Who wouldn't love a trolley ride through Dallas to see all the light displays?? 

Our all-time favorite Christmas display is up and glowing!!!!! We are talking 2 homes completely covered in Christmas lights!!!!!! The sidewalks are lined with arches to run through and music is playing, too! Plan a trip to 7906 Edgeglen Trail in Sachse!! Your family will LOVE it!!! P.S. We have run into Santa Claus here several times, turns out he loves it too!!! 

I am alllllllll about spreading the Christmas cheer BUT I'm not so sure I can go so far as to rock the Christmas Tree Eyebrow trend. What do you think???

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