Are You Ready For All The Holiday Cheer??? :)

Now that we have celebrated Halloween, my girls and I are peaking over the hill at Thanksgiving & Christmas. We LOVE the holidays!!! The movies & music & decorations!!! There are LOTS of REALLY exciting holiday perks coming up that we are looking forward too!!!

Trader Joe's Turkey and Stuffing Kettle Chips will SO totally tide us over until the big day of THANKS!!!

Ihop is celebrating the new Grinch Movie with Green Grinch Pancakes & French Toast & Minty Green Hot Chocolate!!!! They kicked it off on Monday so no waiting! ;) 

Can you believe its been 15 years since ELf was released in theatres?? (we watch it all year long!!!) Pillsbury is celebrating the anniversary with Buddy the Elf Sugar Cookies! I may or may not have already bought some of these...lets just say they are already available ;) 

Tomorrow, Starbucks will roll out their holiday cups!!! This year they have 4 designs that are over the top FUN!!!!

M&M's has a new flavor that is going to take hot chocolate drinking to a whole new level. Say hello to Hot Cocoa M&MS!! 

We are pretty much Oreo purists...BUT we are excited to try the new Peppermint Bark Oreos!!Peppermint combined with sugar crystals??? I am SOOOOOO in!! 

Aldi will have wine and cheese Advent calendars this year AND Trader Joes will have advent calendars for your sweet puppy!!!

There are lots of fab movies to watch with your family as we watch the holiday come to town! 

Maybe you've always wanted to book a family trip to one of the big Christmas parades!!! Click here for a list of the big ones in America!

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