Trick-or-Treating In The Rain

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, it looks like we have 90% chance of rain tonight. EEK!!!!!

Time to come up with a backup plan so that our little bitties can still have a blast!!!

Host a TRICK-OR-TREAT PARTY at our house!!! Decorate each interior door and have a bowl of candy waiting at each stop for everyone who shouts trick or treat!!!  I LOVE all these mummy & pumpkin & Frankenstein door decorations!!

Host a Halloween Movie Party!!!!! 

Party extra!!!! Have pre-baked cupcakes and supplies ready for a Halloween Cupcake War contest!!!

Take your kiddos to Bass Pro Shop's Halloween Party!!!

Plano Mom's Talk has a list of additional indoor trick-or-treat spots too!!! 

Legacy Hall in Plano has indoor Trick-or-Treating and a move scheduled in the garden)

Don't let the rain ruin your parade! Embrace it with these umbrella centered costumes??


Morton Salt Girl

Mary Poppins

Raining Cats & Dogs or Its Raining Men costumes

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