These Are A Few of My Favorite YUMS!!!

Tis the season of yummy treats so you know all the food companies are competing to invent the best!!!! 

In the spirit of Halloween, Hershey is selling glow in the dark chocolates!!! FUN

The cereal aisle is full of fun yums!!! Like Chocolate Frosted Flakes with spooky marshmallows & Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry are all back on store shelves. They even have a Monster Cereal Game! 

There are lots of Hallo-wines to enjoy this season!!

Lost of restaurants have fun Halloween Treats! 

Anyone up for a Pumpkin spice, cream cheese & caramel donut????  Hurts Donuts in Frisco has TONS of cute & delish donuts all year long!!!

Dunkin'Donuts has a fun Spider doughnut! 

IHOP has Scary Face Pancakes OR you can make these ADORABLE Halloween pancakes

Krispy Kreme has a candy-covered Trick-or-Treat Doughnut.

Papa John's has jack-o'-lantern pizzas! OR you can make your own...

A look ahead to Christmas.......Oreo Candy Canes. YES, they are a thing. Some have already been spotted on store shelves or you can order them online. YUMMY!!!!! 

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