Lovey Dovey Date Time!!!

I haven't posted about fun dates in awhile.....apparently, its easier to write about good dates when you are actually going on good dates. ;)  

Anyway. There are lots of fun fall date night events going on around town so call a sitter, grab your honey and HAVE FUN!!!!

Adult Night at Legoland! Cause playful is sexy, right???

Hall-o-Ween at Legacy Hall! If you are lucky enough to have a sweetie who likes to dress in costume go out and celebrate!!!!

Greys Anatomy Bar Crawl! Y'all never miss an episode. Why not play doctor with other fans! 

Date? What Date????

Ok. so what is you a little help in the getting a date department??? This article says get a dog! 

Get lucky department?? Feed your honey more chocolate

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