Lets TACO Bout National Taco Day!!

Seriously, is there anything more fun than a taco??? I think not. Today is National Taco Day and there are TONS & TONS of ways to celebrate the TACO!!!

Taco meat recipe!!!

Easy chicken tacos!!!!

Serve up a Taco Bar!!!

Taco Bowls with quinoa rice!!

I ditched taco shells last year for avocados. DELISH!!!

Baked taco shell recipe!!!

If you are into the Keto thing try these Keto Taco Shells! 

How about zucchini taco shells

Check out these taco shells made out of cheese!!!

Don't forget the sauce!!!!

Chimichurri Sauce 

Spicy Habanero Avacado Sauce

Gluten Free Taco Sauce

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