CHOO CHOO Climb on The Mark Wahlberg Positivity Train!!

ABC's "The View" - Season 18

Full disclosure, my Mark Wahlberg crush runs deep....all the way back to the early 90's! Yes, I had his Calvin Klein undies ad poster on my wall in college! Can you blame me?????? :) 

Yes, we used to sit on the couch at the Gamma Phi house and watch his Marky Mark Workout DVD....over and over and over again!!!  *Don't judge me.....that was totally what the 90's were all about! ;) 

Last night, my huge star mega crush was rekindled when I saw THIS post!!!  Not only is it HOT to see him working out again BUT I LOVE LOVE his positivity!!!!!! Can we please clone this man and move that guy to Big D??????

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