Jake Gyllenhaal is in Talks for the Next “Spider-Man”, and Michael Keaton i

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Jake Gyllenhaal might finally join the Marvel Universe…as a villain.  He’s in talks to play Mysterio in the sequel to “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

Mysterio made his debut in the comics in 1964, as a Hollywood stuntman and special effects expert who uses his skills to turn to a life of crime.

Meanwhile, Michael Keaton is also returning as the Vulture.  It’s not clear which way that’ll go.  At the end of the last one, he was in prison, refusing to divulge Spider-Man’s secret identity to another inmate.

It’s not clear if he had good intentions, or if he just wanted to protect Spider-Man so he could take him out himself.  That other inmate was the Scorpion, another Spider-Man villain, and he tells Vulture that he’s got some, “boys on the outside.”

That could be a nod to the Sinister Six, a group of Spider-Man villains who teamed up to take him out in the comics.  Vulture and Mysterio were original members of the group…and there has been talk of a “Sinister Six” movie.


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