Did Mark Harmon’s Pitbull Cause Pauley Perrette to Quit “NCIS”?


The fine journalists over at Radar Online may have uncovered the real reason Pauley Perrette left “NCIS”:  Mark Harmon’s dog.

Mark rescued a pitbull and named him Dave…and he used to bring him to the set.  But in October of 2016, Dave bit a crewmember, causing a gash that needed 16 stitches.

Mark had the dog retrained and stopped bringing him to the set.  But last season he had no dog-sitting options, so he brought him back.  But he kept him in his trailer all day.  Everyone was cool with that…except Pauley.

She was furious and started shouting at Mark.  She even told him he never should have adopted a pitbull in the first place.

And she never got over it.  From that point on, she refused to shoot scenes with Mark, and wouldn’t sit near him at table reads.  And she ignored him any time he tried to talk to her about it.

A so-called “source” says Pauley didn’t feel safe with the dog on the set, even if he was confined.  Of course, this theory doesn’t explain the “multiple physical assaults” Pauley Tweeted about the other day.

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