Would You Sing Naked In Front Of A Mirror + More From Selena Gomez & MORE

SELENA GOMEZ says proceeds from the “13 Reasons Why” soundtrack will be donated to The Trevor Project and the Crisis Text Line.  (Full Story)

RYAN SEACREST’s banter with KATY PERRY about her mom on Sunday’s “American Idol” rubbed some people the wrong way.  (Full Story)

 CHRISSY METZ from “This Is Us” was once advised to sing naked in front of a mirror to increase her self-confidence.  (Full Story)

FRANCES BEAN COBAIN settled her divorce, and ended up letting go of one of her dad’s guitars that’s probably worth MILLIONS.  She and her ex had been fighting over it, but apparently Frances finally decided to let it go just to get the proceedings over with.  (Full Story)

 BILL COSBY will be sentenced on September 24th.  (Full Story)

BONO and THE EDGE filled in as ELLEN’s assistants on her show yesterday.  (Full Story)

MARTHA STEWART was shocked to learn that OPRAH smokes weed.  (Full Story)

NICKI MINAJ says she’s making a movie with TINA FEY called “Get Ya Life Ugly.”  Nobody knows if she’s serious.  (Full Story)

Someone ranked every romance in the Marvel Universe.  (Full Story)

 TONYA HARDING feels like she’s getting the respect on “Dancing with the Stars” that she didn’t get at the Olympics.  (Full Story)

CBS says former “NCIS” star PAULEY PERRETTE voiced a “workplace concern” over a year ago, and they,  “worked with her to find a solution.”  (Full Story)                             

QUESTLOVE is working with PRINCE’s estate to put together a symphonic tour of Prince’s music.  (Full Story)

JESSICA SIMPSON adopted a puppy.

CIARA’s son Future has some serious dance moves …and he’s only 4.

THANDIE NEWTON went to the “Solo” premiere wearing a dress covered in black “Star Wars” characters.

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