Fox Is Reviving “Last Man Standing”, the CW Is Reviving “Charmed”, and More

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Just about every old TV show will be revived…if it hasn’t already.  And even if it has, it could probably be revived again.

And now, it isn’t just ‘old’ shows like “Roseanne”, “Murphy Brown”, and “Mad About You” being brought back.                          

Over the weekend, Fox confirmed rumors that they are bringing back “Last Man Standing”, less than one year after it was canceled by ABC.  Kind of like last year, when ABC revived “American Idol”, less than a year after Fox dumped it.

Meanwhile, the CW just confirmed they’re reviving fairly recent shows like “Charmed” and “Roswell”…just like NBC did with “Will & Grace”, which was only gone about 10 years.

And NBC just announced that they’ve picked up “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” less than one week after it was canceled by Fox.

That one doesn’t even count as a revival…because its ‘final’ season is still airing on Fox, so it was literally brought back from the dead before it even died.

It seems like some shows are being brought back because fans freaked out on social media when they were canceled…even though no one was watching those shows before they were canceled.


Last year, NBC canceled “Timeless”…fans flipped out…so they reversed course and brought it back.  Now, the show is averaging two million viewers less than the year before, and NBC is considering canceling it again.

And over the weekend, CBS canceled “Kevin Can Wait”…which they basically turned into a revival of “King of Queens”last year when they nixed Kevin’s wife, and brought Leah Remini back.

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