Bring on Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SOOOOOOOO excited to celebrate my all-time favorite title. MOMMY!!!!

My girls have been asking me for weeks how I want to celebrate this weekend. We are going to make some recipes from Joanna Gaines new cookbook (it's on sale at Walmart) create some crafts, plant a tree together, go to church  AND take my Dad to lunch. (He raised me so he gets celebrated on Mothers & Fathers Day!!) Yay. 

How do you celebrate THE biggest & best day of the year??????

I've heard more than one mom say she would love an extra long nap for Mother's Day. Put that on the list and consider these other ideas, too.....

We Are Teachers has a fun list of Mom books for kiddos. I still LOVE when my girls read to me! 

Single Mom??? It's really fun to teach your kiddos how to celebrate YOU! Love these tips! 

This past weekend, I took my single friend's daughters "out for ice cream." We actually did a little shopping and made cards to surprise their Moms with on Sunday. It takes a village and knowing my sweet friends will be surprised make my heart SING!!!! :) 

My girls and I like to go to Quiggley's Clayhouse each year and create together. There are so many "make it or paint it or create it" spots around town!!! The chatting while you create is my favorite part!!

Yesterday, my daughter asked to stop by the craft store for some supplies....I wasn't allowed to look but a custom painting is in the works for this weekend. I cannot wait!!! 

My angel babies make me breakfast every year. Its THE highlight of my Mother's Day. Last year, my little bitty made it all one her own using her Kidstir recipe cards. If you haven't gotten Kidstir or Raddish Kids for your kids, consider it. They LOVE to cook!! 

Click here for more fun breakfast recipes your kiddos can make!

There are TONS of fabulous photographers in town. Schedule a Mommy & Me session! My girls and I did this with Sarah Toth Photography, last week and had a BLAST!!!

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