EBuzz Bites: ‘NSYNC Reunited And That’s Really All That Matters


 ‘N SYNC reunited yesterday to get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Even JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE showed up.

Details continue to leak about AVICII’s death.  The latest are that his suicide somehow involved broken glass.  (Full Story)

MARIAH CAREY is doing another Las Vegas residency.  (Full Story)

SASHA OBAMA hung out with CARDI B and her man OFFSET at the Broccoli City Festival in Washington.                               

The Time’s Up movement is going after R. KELLY, and demanding a boycott and an investigation into the DECADES of sexual misconduct allegations against him.  Kelly’s people call it a “public lynching” that’s “unjust and off-target.”  (Full Story)

ASHLEY JUDD is suing Harvey Weinstein for destroying her career after she refused his advances.  (Full Story)

GIGI HADID and ZAYN MALIK are obviously back together.

ROB KARDASHIAN’s baby mama BLAC CHYNA might be expecting again with her new boyfriend…who’s 18.  (Full Story)

We love it when THE ROCK trolls KEVIN HART.

EBuzz Bites: ‘NSYNC Reunited And That’s Really All That Matters Right Now TBH – The Bert Show                               

STORMY DANIELS is suing PRESIDENT TRUMP for defamation.  (Full Story)

MICHELLE WOLF has no regrets for her routine at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and says she wouldn’t change a word of it.  (Full Story)

BILL GATES says that during a conversation with PRESIDENT TRUMP about a universal flu vaccine, Trump asked him if he wanted to be his science adviser.  But Gates isn’t sure if he was serious, or if he was just being “friendly”.  (Full Story)

Marvel is already planning the future of its movies through 2025.  (Full Story)

DAVID LETTERMAN does some improv with TINA FEY in the next episode of his Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”  (Full Story)

Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why” will hit Netflix on May 18th.  (Full Story)

JOHNNY DAMON and JAMIE ANDERSON were sent home on the season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars.”  (Full Story)

KANYE WEST’s mother’s surgeon says he wasn’t responsible for her death and he wants Kanye to stop using his photo to promote his new album.  (Full Story)

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