EBuzz Bites From Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Panic! At The Disco + More


KATY PERRY says she’s spoken for, which is probably an indication that she and ORLANDO BLOOM are back together.  (Full Story)

Is BRENDON URIE sending potatoes to PANIC! AT THE DISCO fans in the mail?  (Full Story)

CHIP GAINES from “Fixer Upper” likes when his wife JOANNA is pregnant, because he’s into “bigger-boned girls.”  (Full Story)

CLAYNE CRAWFORD from “Lethal Weapon” has apologized for his bad behavior on-set.  (Full Story)

 LANCE BASS is producing a documentary for YouTube on sleazy boy band manager LOU PEARLMAN.  (Full Story)

JENNIFER ANISTON went to a birthday party for JIMMY KIMMEL’s son Billy, and she brought her nipples.  Another interesting note, besides the nipples, is that she showed up shortly after her estranged husband JUSTIN THEROUX left.

MEGAN FOX is hosting a show for the Travel Channel.  (Full Story)

There’s a new dating show coming from the producers of “The Bachelor.”  (Full Story)

If you feel like it, you can watch BRITNEY SPEARS work out.

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