Melissa McCarthy Says It’s Okay to Say Yes for the Money

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Melissa McCarthy has figured out something that Nicolas Cage discovered long ago:  It’s okay to take a job just for the money.

In a new profile in “Glamour” magazine, she says, “I’ve been lucky that in the last 10 years I’ve only taken things I had the highest hopes for, but the time will come when I’ll be like, ‘Does anybody need me to sell cheese slices?’

“Because I’ll do it.  Just give me a paycheck.  And I will work really hard to sell those cheese slices.”


On a related note, there’s a 2001 interview with Francis Ford Coppolla circulating, in which he admits he made “The Godfather Part 3” for the money.

Basically, he felt he owed it to his wife to make some money and put it away for her.

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