EBuzz Bites: DJ Avicii Passed Away, Celeb Babies + A “Teen Vogue” Reporters



EDM DJ AVICII died Friday at the age of 28.  The cause of death hasn’t been released.  (Full Story)

PIPPA MIDDLETON is pregnant with her first child.  (Full Story)

RACHEL WEISZ and DANIEL CRAIG are expecting a child together.  They also each have a kid of their own from previous relationships.  (Full Story)

MACKLEMORE and his wife welcomed their second child.  (Full Story)

During the second weekend of Coachella, BEYONCÉ tried to pick up her sister SOLANGE, and they BOTH hit the dirt.  (Full Story)

A “Teen Vogue” reporter says she was groped 22 times while reporting on sexual harassment at Coachella.  (Full Story)

JIMMY KIMMEL celebrated the first birthday of his son Billy, and thanked the doctors and nurses who saved his life.  (Full Story)

KEVIN MCHALE from “Glee” has come out.  (Full Story)

PRESIDENT TRUMP is considering a pardon for legendary boxer JACK JOHNSON, whose only crime was being a black man and dating white women.  It was actually SYLVESTER STALLONE who convinced Trump to consider it.  (Full Story)

Sorry Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Chris Martin, and whoever else…GWYNETH PALTROW believes she’s in her first adult relationship.  (Full Story)

JAMES CAMERON wants to make FIVE “Avatar” movies.  (Full Story)

Starz is canceling “Ash vs. Evil Dead” after three seasons.  The series finale airs next Sunday.  (Full Story)

 Last week, the kids on the “Jeopardy!” College Championship teamed up to do a basketball-themed intro.  It was pretty bad, but probably intentionally.  (Full Story)

BONO was awarded the GEORGE W. BUSH Medal for Distinguished Leadership…by President Bush himself.  (Full Story)

QUEEN ELIZABETH’s birthday concert this weekend included performances by STING, TOM JONES, and SHAGGY.  (Full Story)

The ROLLING STONES won’t drink before their tour kickoff in Dublin on May 17th.  (Full Story)

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