Lynda Carter Could Be in the “Wonder Woman” Sequel


Gal Gadot is a fantastic Wonder Woman.  But as great as she is, many of us will always have a soft spot for the O.G., Lynda Carter.

And it’s kind of sad that Lynda didn’t at least have a cameo in the first “Wonder Woman” movie.  But that error might get fixed in the sequel.  Yesterday on the “Today” Show, Megyn Kelly asked her if she’ll be in it.

And she said, “That is up to [director] Patty Jenkins.  I’ve been talking to her about it.  She has given me some hints about it, and I guess it’s up to Warner Brothers if they want to spend the money.  You can write letters and tell them.”

(Lynda played “Wonder Woman” on TV from 1975 to 1979.  But she technically wasn’t the first.  Cathy Lee Crosby starred in a failed TV pilot in 1974.  But she was no Lynda Carter.)

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