David Arquette Is a Certified Bob Ross Painting Instructor


David Arquette is a certified Bob Ross painting instructor, and yes, that is a thing…and yes, he is now worthy of your jealousy.

Everyone loves Bob Ross…the painter with the ginormous afro and soothing, if not sexy voice, who spent more than a decade painting on PBS…and saying “Let’s get crazy!” before adding a tree or something.

On a podcast the other day, David said, “I recently took a Bob Ross instructional course.  He’s so calming…and he’s so amazing, the way he paints so fast, and I was just obsessed with it.”

So he reached out to BobRoss.com, and asked them how he could learn to paint like Bob.  And they hooked him up with a local instructor.

David said, “So, I met this guy, and he was amazing, and I took this course, and then I asked him, like, ‘How did you get certified to do this?’  And he said, ‘Well, it’s a three-week course in New Smyrna Beach.’

“So, this past summer, I went, and did it.  Now, I’ve taught like 30 people how to paint these little happy trees.”

For what it’s worth, New Smyrna Beach, Florida is where Bob lived before he died of cancer in 1995.  He was 52.

(Here’s a clip of him teaching a young student.)

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