Bill Murray Actually Does Use a Cell Phone Sometimes

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 Bill Murray is notorious for being difficult to get ahold of…even among other “important” Hollywood types.

And that includes having a 1-800 number where you have to leave a message if you want to talk business with him.

But in a new interview, he said he does have an actual cell phone for personal calls…or texts. “If you have children, you end up having to be able to send messages to your children.

“They will not answer a phone call, but they will respond to messages.  So, you got to be able to send a message.”

But for business, it’s still just the 800 number, because it’s just him.  He does not have an agent, publicist, or a lawyer.

So, what does it take for him to call you back?  Bill said, “Well you want manners.  There’s got to be manners involved.”

( has an audio preview of the interview, which was with Willie Geist.  The whole thing will air on Willie’s show this Sunday on NBC.)

Click here to watch!

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