Taylor Swift Sings About Alcohol a Lot More Now


Taylor Swift’s 2017 album “Reputation” has something her earlier albums don’t…and no, it’s not lyrical depth or musical complexity.  Please.  It's referenced to booze.

A fan named Joe Hovde did the numbers, and he found that there are 13 references to alcohol on the album, while her first five albums only included four: Two on “Speak Now” and two on “1989”.

But at least Taylor’s not pimping out brands, like rappers do.  Her references are pretty generic.

She used eight different alcohol-related words:  bar, beer, champagne, drink, drunk, liquor, whiskey, and wine.

This guy really dove deep into Taylor’s lyrical content, and he came to the following conclusion, “Taylor Swift is going through the phase where you brag about drinking alcohol rather late in life.”  (She’s 28.)

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