Sharon Osbourne Doesn't Like Ashton Kutcher

It’s not exactly surprising that Sharon Osbourne doesn’t get along with everybody.  But Ashton Kutcher seems like a pretty agreeable guy.

But when he was on “The Talk” years ago, things didn’t go too well.  On “Larry King Now”, Sharon admitted that they got off on the wrong foot when she said his name wrong.

“He was pissed.  And he comes on with an attitude, and he goes, ‘What have you done in this industry?’

“And I was like, ‘Kid, don’t start with me because I’m going to eat you up and [poop] you out.’  I was just like, ‘You don’t know what you’re dealing with kid.'”

(Here’s video.  The funny thing is, she calls him “Ashton Kushner”…so she still can’t get his name right.)

(The S-word at the 0:51 mark is only lightly censored, and you can still make out the word.)

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