Some Guy Robbed a Bank…to Impress Taylor Swift?


As far as we know, Taylor Swift is dating British actor Joe Alwyn…so if you’re a regular Joe, you probably don’t stand a chance.  At least not until they break up, and she writes angsty songs about him.

But how would you get Taylor’s attention?  A guy in Connecticut named Bruce Rowley had a fascinating plan.  He robbed a bank to impress her.

Rowley was arrested last week after he confessed to the robbery.  And he didn’t do it for himself…because afterward, he says he drove to Taylor’s house in Rhode Island, and threw some of the loot over her fence to try to woo her.

Rowley was booked for robbery and larceny.  He’s being held on bail…and he keeps talking about how he has a crush on Taylor.  Officially, the cops are still trying to figure out if he actually went to her house.

The bank robber isn’t Taylor’s only prospective suitor.  A so-called “transient” climbed a seven-foot wall outside her mansion in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

He was apparently shouting Taylor’s name, but she wasn’t home…not that she would’ve responded if she was.

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