Did Khloe Kardashian’s Baby Daddy Get Caught Cheating?


Khole Kardashian and Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson are expecting their first child any minute.  But Tristan wasn’t acting like a father-to-be this weekend.

He was in New York to face the Knicks, but on Saturday night, he was face-to-face with some honey at a nightclub…and someone filmed them making out.

Then TMZ posted video of them walking into Tristan’s hotel early Sunday morning.  She was spotted outside the hotel on Monday, with a Louis Vuitton overnight bag.  Her name is Lani Blair, and she’s a 28-year-old Instagram model…although she recently made her Instagram private.

Khloe is in Cleveland for her delivery, and even if she wanted to leave now, she probably couldn’t, since it’s so late in the pregnancy.

Oh, and it gets worse.  TMZ also posted video of Tristan with three women at a hookah lounge near Washington, D.C.  There’s some kissing, there’s some motorboating…and one of the ladies grabs Tristan’s junk.  The video is from last October, when Khloe was three months pregnant.

You might remember that when Tristan and Khloe started dating back in 2016, he left behind a pregnant girlfriend.  Their son is 15 months old now.

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