Jason Statham Swam with Sharks to Prepare for His New Movie

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In his upcoming movie “The Meg”, Jason Statham fights a 75-foot Megalodon shark.  So to prepare, he went swimming with real sharks.  Bull sharks.

He says, “These things are three meters in length, huge big things. There were 20 or 30 of these things, and they were hand-feeding [them] big tuna heads, and we got very, very close, and it was a spectacular moment.

“To swim in close proximity to a big, three-meter shark, is to be recommended to all and everyone.”

It sounds terrifying, but Statham says you’re most anxious on the boat, when you’re waiting to dive.

“Once you get in the ocean…you get very relaxed, and when you’re in their environment, it’s quite a tranquil sort of thing, the anxiety goes away completely.”

(“The Meg” hits theaters August 10th.  Check out a picture that shows just how big the megalodon is.)

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