EBuzz Bites From Pink Gets Served + Kate Upton’s Ring + MORE


Despite what the headline says, KATE UPTON’s engagement ring isn’t really almost as big as JUSTIN VERLANDER’s World Series ring, but it’s still impressive.

 LINDSAY LOHAN is offering PRESIDENT TRUMP legal aid through Lawyer.com.  (Full Story)

PINK was out with her son when she was served LEGAL PAPERS regarding the court battle between KESHA and Dr. Luke.

The JENNIFER LOPEZ show “Shades of Blue” will end after a 10-episode third season, which starts in June.  (Full Story)

CINDY CRAWFORD says she did plenty of nude photo shoots, but she regrets the ones she allowed herself to be “talked into.”  (Full Story)

STEVE HARVEY is defending his wife after she used the word “retarded” in an Instagram video.  (Full Story)

MATT DAMON and JOAQUIN PHOENIX were almost the stars of “Brokeback Mountain.”  (Full Story)

 In 2017, the most rented movie on DVD, Blu-ray and digital was…BEN AFFLECK’s “The Accountant”???  (Full Story)

BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG is teasing a new project on Instagram called THE LONGSHOT.  Whoever they are, they have an album coming out called “Love is For Losers.”  (Full Story)

Marvel unveiled 22 individual character posters for “Avengers: Infinity War” …but NO HAWKEYE.  Should that tell us anything?

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