Championship Time! Vote in The Bert Shows Accent Madness Bracket

Accent Madness: The Championship Round Has Been Revealed! – The Bert Show                                

In honor of *those* bracket championships, we’re doing one of our own…but we’re going INTERNATIONAL.

We’ve got accents from a bunch of different countries (we’re not telling you which ones (yet) but we’re guessing you’ll be able to peg a couple of them)…which one will take home the title of the HOTTEST?

It’s up to you! Listen to each accent right here (and stick around to the end of the audio for a special little twist from some of the guys) and then hit the radio (or “option”) button below the accent you want to vote for, and hit the vote button to log your vote!

We started out with the Awesome Eight…and then we had the Phenomenal Four…and now it’s the FINAL round! Who will take home the title of Sexiest Accent? It’s up to you! Click here to listen and vote!

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