EBuzz Bites From Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez + More


JUSTIN THEROUX and AUBREY PLAZA were spotted together in New York …but at least one source claims they were talking BUSINESS.

 KATY PERRY and ORLANDO BLOOM went go-karting in Tokyo… dressed as Mario and Luigi.  (Full Story)

BEN AFFLECK responded to the “New Yorker’s” fat-shaming.  (Full Story)

COREY FELDMAN’s lawyer thinks his attack was fueled by road rage.  (Full Story)

The original script for “Beetlejuice” had WINONA RYDER dying in a fire and joining ALEC BALDWIN and GEENA DAVIS in the afterlife.  (Full Story)

MARK HAMILL thinks Disney might be churning out too many “Star Wars” movies.  (Full Story)

A new movie version of STEPHEN KING’s “The Tommyknockers” is in the works.  (Full Story)

Watch GISELE BUNDCHEN get photobombed by her son.

SNOOKI says the “Jersey Shore” cast begged MTV to bring them back.  (Full Story)

ELTON JOHN loves LADY GAGA’s new cover of “Your Song”.  (Full Story)

DAVE GROHL’s very first album will be released on April 27th.  It’s called “No More Censorship”, and it was recorded by his band SCREAM in 1988.  (Full Story)

JENNIFER LOPEZ visited ALEX RODRIGUEZ in the ESPN broadcast booth on opening day.


Here’s BRUNO MARS trying some terrible koala-themed pickup lines.


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