Could Meryl Streep Play Princess Leia in “Star Wars 9”?

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There’s a rumor going around that several websites are repeating, but it’s hard to tell how serious it is.

It says there’s a possibility that Meryl Streep could step in and replace Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in “Star Wars 9”.

Meryl and Carrie were friends, and Meryl once played a fictionalized version of Carrie in the movie version of Carrie’s semi-autobiographical novel “Postcards from the Edge”.

Whether Lucasfilm is considering this or not, there are at least a handful of fans who want it to happen.  As of last night, an online petition was close to its goal of 8,000 signatures.

J.J. Abrams has already finished his script, but there’s no word what they plan to do with Leia.  All we know for sure is that they’re not going to bring her back with CGI.

She was supposed to be a huge part of “Star Wars 9″…but unless they recast her, that’ll have to change.  (Movie Web)

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