Did Ronda Rousey Really Think ESPN Asked Her if She Had the Ability to Time

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Ronda Rousey did a pair of interviews on ESPN yesterday, to hype her first WWE match at Wrestlemania 34.  And things got a little weird in both of them.

It started on “Golic and Wingo”, when Mike Golic asked her when she knew that she was done with MMA, and didn’t want to fight anymore.  Ronda flatly responded, “I never said that.”

Mike responded, “Ah!  So there’s a possibility that you could go back in time?”  His question was awkwardly worded, but he was asking if she’d consider returning to the MMA at some future point in time.

But Ronda seemed really confused.  She said, “There’s a possibility that I could go back in time?  That’s your question to me?…I do not have the ability to go back in time, no.”

It kind of seemed like Ronda really thought Golic was asking her if she could time-travel, but she might have been wising off because she didn’t like his line of questioning.

For what it’s worth, the rest of the interview went off without a hitch, and she seemed perfectly happy to be there and answer any questions.

In a separate interview on “First Take”, Ronda seemed to take issue with Max Kellerman’s question about her loss to Holly Holm.  He asked about the negative backlash after the loss, with people calling her overrated…instead of focusing on her incredible run.

In response, Ronda suggested that this was really his opinion, but he was covering his backside by claiming it came from, “some people.”  Max insisted that that was not his opinion, and that he was actually a huge fan.

So she said,  “Well, thank you for defending me, I appreciate that.”  But she sounded a little sarcastic.

(Here’s the “Golic and Wingo” video.)


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