“Sharknado” Star Tara Reid Was Discovered By Oscar-Winning Directors

Premiere Of Syfy's "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens" At The Stratosphere In Las Vegas



When you think of “Sharknado” star Tara Reid, several things probably come to mind…but ‘Academy Award-winning’ is not one of them.

Tara hasn’t won an Oscar…obviously…but she was discovered by Oscar-winning directors Joel and Ethan Coen, the guys behind “Fargo”, “No Country for Old Men”, “Raising Arizona”, and “The Big Lebowski”, which featured Tara as Bunny.

In an interview with the “New York Post”, Tara reminded everyone that “The Big Lebowski” was her first big movie.  She said, “At the time, I was in the waiting room with Charlize Theron and Liv Tyler.  And I thought, ‘Yeah, right, like I’m ever going to get this movie.’

“But I wound up getting it…and everyone was like, ‘Who’s this unknown girl who got the Coen Brothers film?’  And it was me!”

She added, “This is definitely the breakout role that opened up all the areas for me.

“Without this, I don’t think I would ever have had the success that I got, on such a big level…Hollywood always wants to have that next big star, next big thing.  And, by far, this is the movie that transformed me into that.”

That might be a tad overstated, but the movie did lead to her getting “American Pie”.

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