Kevin Hart Wants to be a Billionaire

Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart may be a funny guy, but he has some dead-serious career goals.  He doesn’t just want to be a comedian or an actor.  He wants to be the next Oprah or Tyler Perry.

He says, “The goal of being a mogul is a real one.  I want to be a billionaire…I’m 38. By the time I’m 45, you guys are going to be telling a completely different story.”

Some of his inspiration came from his mother, who used to watch him “half-ass” it on the school swim team, then walk away from meets with a participation ribbon, while other kids got trophies.

She told him, “You can be great or you can not be great.”  From that moment on, he decided that everything he did, he would do with the intent to win the trophy. “The trophy in entertainment is success, it’s ownership, it’s a brand.”

(Check out videos of Kevin’s interview here.  WARNING!!!  There’s profanity in some of them.)

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