EBuzz Bites: Did Owen Wilson Cause A Hotel Evacuation + More


 In her new memoir, CHRISSY METZ from “This Is Us” says her stepfather used to physically abuse her, fat-shame her, and even make her weigh herself in front of him.  (Full Story)

KEVIN SMITH went on a new diet after his heart attack, and he lost 17 pounds in nine days.  (Full Story)

QUEEN LATIFAH’s mother passed away.  (Full Story)

OWEN WILSON reportedly caused a South Beach hotel to be evacuated, after he set off a smoke alarm with a cigarette.  (Full Story)

TIFFANY TRUMP and her boyfriend broke up.  (Full Story)

FRED SAVAGE has been accused of being verbally abusive to women on the set of the TV show “The Grinder”.  Both Savage and 20th Century Fox are denying it.  (Full Story)

A group of former NFL players say the league is trying to manipulate its concussion settlement program, in order to avoid paying.  (Full Story)

People are wondering if maybe PARIS JACKSON and CARA DELEVINGNE are dating, just because they were lying in bed together, watching the drama “Carol” on Netflix.

Is KATY PERRY swallowing a rainbow, or vomiting a rainbow?

ELIZABETH OLSEN pointed out that her picture on the “Avengers” cover of “Empire” magazine looks nothing like her.  But the magazine says that’s the picture they were given by Disney (slash) Marvel.

MARK HAMILL just happened to find what looks like a picture of Princess Leia in his London hotel room.

The Daytime Emmy nominations were announced yesterday.  (Full Story)

This year’s Lollapalooza lineup includes Jack White, Bruno Mars, the Weeknd, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Logic, Tyler the Creator, and LL Cool J, to name a few.  (Full Story)

GEORGE H.W. BUSH and BARACK OBAMA both filled out March Madness brackets.  Bush is in WAY better shape.  (Full Story)

CELINE DION had to cancel some shows to undergo surgery for an ear problem.  (Full Story)

PANIC! AT THE DISCO will release a new album called “Pray for the Wicked” on June 22nd.  And they just released two songs from it:  “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” and “[Eff] A Silver Lining.” WARNING!!!  The second song does indeed contain profanity.

Check out a teaser for “Terminal”…a crime drama starring MARGOT ROBBIE.


Check out a trailer for “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” an action comedy starring KATE MCKINNON and MILA KUNIS.

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