Bill Murray Crashed Elvis Presley’s Funeral



That thing where Bill Murray shows up at unexpected places and acts delightfully quirky has been going on a lot longer than you probably realized.  It goes back at least to 1977, when he crashed Elvis Presley’s funeral.

He told the “Today” show that he just hopped a flight to Memphis because, “Something made me want to go.”

He got to Graceland just as public visitation hours were ending, but he met a photographer he knew, who was covering the whole thing, so he got hooked up.

The next day he was on a bus at the front of the funeral procession, “It was an extraordinary thing to see…hundreds of thousands of people standing in a really hot day waiting.”

At the cemetery, he noticed people staring and pointing at him…but then he realized he wasn’t the one they were looking at. “I realized they were pointing at Elvis’ mother’s grave, I was standing right at her gravesite.  It was a very interesting moment.”

(Here’s video.  Skip ahead to 4:49.  He also says he wants movie theaters to let people bring their dogs to his new movie, “Isle of Dogs”.)

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