HAPPY SPRING!!! Lets celebrate!!!

1st Day of Spring

Yay, spring is here and its time to celebrate! We like to plant some veggies to kick off the season AND of course eat spring rolls!!! :) 

We love veggies Click here to see which veggies are in season and MEGA fresh right now!!

Make homemade lemonade!!! YUM!!

Head out for dinner on a patio! (ok, it's going to be chilly this evening...make plans to go this weekend when it's warmer)

We call dandelions "Wish Flowers" at our house and love to pull over to make wishes when we see them on the side of the road. This thumbprint dandelion craft is SO cute!!!

These egg carton flowers are TOO fun!!!

We LOVE LOVE to watch the birds enjoy the spring. These bird feeders will make sure they visit often. 

Buy a new pair of sandals! My FAV way to celebrate spring!!!

Spring has sprung! Enjoy it!!

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