EBuzz Bites: No, Matt Damon Is Not Moving Because Of This + More


ANDERSON COOPER and his longtime boyfriend broke up.  (Full Story)

DAVID ARQUETTE says he dated DREW BARRYMORE…she says it didn’t happen.  (Full Story)

A rumor circulated yesterday that MATT DAMON is moving to Australia because he hates PRESIDENT TRUMP.  It’s not true.  (Full Story)

Does something in “Fantastic Beasts 2” violate a rule of the “Harry Potter” universe?  (Full Story)

White nationalists are apparently trying to co-opt “Black Panther” as a hero to THEIR ideology.  (Full Story)

 DAX SHEPARD will be a recurring guest on ASHTON KUTCHER’s Netflix show “The Ranch”.  Technically, he’s NOT a replacement for DANNY MASTERSON, who was let go in December because of sexual assault allegations.  (Full Story)

SARA RAMIREZ’s character comes out as bisexual on Sunday’s episode of “Madam Secretary.”  (Full Story)

 PARIS JACKSON showed off her musical abilities in a set of Instagram videos.  (Check ’em out here and here.)

FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. says he IS training in mixed martial arts.  (Full Story)

So apparently, whenever LAURA DERN fired her blaster in “The Last Jedi,” she said, “pew-pew.”  (Full Story)

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